Upgrading, or eliminating?

So I went to the Apple store two weeks ago to purchase a new macbook pro, after losing mine in an unfortunate pool accident, when I noticed that the newest model no longer features a cd drive. I know that a lot of things are now available through instant download, and to many this may be easier, because it makes the laptop thinner and lighter, but personally, I feel that is taking away key features, rather than adding them. I don’t want to have to go out and purchase an $80 external drive and carry it around with me. I like watching movies on my computer, and using programs that still have cd-roms, and to me, eliminating the drive is more of an inconvenience than a selling feature.

Today, the competition in technology is as fierce as ever, and I personally believe that this was a bad choice on Apple’s part, because in a world where they need to keep improving, taking away a key component of their computer only downgrades it to me.


Police Searching Phones

The first amendment says that we have the freedom of speech. So the things that we text and call one another about shouldn’t be searched right? Well, the police are allowing themselves to look through the phones of suspects to get information. There are many criminals that have been caught because of this. Here is a time where it benefited the police:

David Riley was detained in 2009 for having an expired vehicle registration and driving with a suspended license. When authorities impounded the Lexus, loaded weapons were found hidden under the hood.

After the college student’s subsequent arrest, San Diego police took a look at his smartphone. Text messages, contacts and video in the touch-screen device led officers to believe Riley had organized crime connections, and a photograph of another vehicle owned by the suspect was linked to an earlier drive-by shooting.

He was convicted in state court and received a 15-year jail sentence.

The problem with this is that it does go against the first amendment, but if it going to help us then why not?

Planes slightly scare me..


When I was on a plane last week, we had a connect flight in Charlotte, North Carolina. We went from Newark to Charlotte to Paris and it was just so unnecessarily long. On the way back, we went from Rome to North Carolina to Newark which was out of the way. It would usually take about 8 hours to go to Newark but instead it took us 10 to go to North Carolina. But that wasn’t the problem of the flight. There were TV’s on the back of every seat, so we were able to watch movies, shows, listen to music, and track the GPS of the plane. When we first got on the plane on the way back, they told us that we can’t access the GPS because it will shut our TV down. As the flight continued and they kept repeating that, the only thought in my head was that they didn’t want us to see where the plane was going. Of course I was overthinking the whole situation, but after the Malaysia Airlines plane situation, I didn’t know what to think! Yes, I’m crazy I know.

I hate to admit it..


I love Apple productions. My phone and Mac are the best, but sometimes I can say that my phone isn’t always the best thing on this earth. I personally don’t like any other products, such as samsung or LG’s because I am so used to having an Apple phone. Well, as we all know, if you have the 4s or 5s, you have the ability to use Siri. Honestly, I never use Siri. Most of the time I accidentally click it and it goes off. Well, I don’t use Siri because half the time it doesn’t work. My friend has a windows phone, and he recently got the update to get Cortana.. the Siri of Windows. I hate to admit it, but Cortana works so much better than Siri. It just does what it is told instead of responding “I don’t quite get what you are saying” Ugh maybe Apple will eventually update Siri’s ability to actually understand.

Time Change

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So last week I went to Europe and spent the whole week touring. This time there is 6 hours a head of us, so you can only imagine how I felt when we landed. I was able to sleep normally and comfortably every night due to the first day where we spent all day traveling. My body and everything was exhausted, so I slept like a baby every night although it was only 5 pm here. Now that I am home, I go to sleep at 11 pm because my body thinks it’s 5 am, and I wake up at 9 or 10 because my body thinks its about 3-4 pm. Usually this only lasts a few days, but its been almost a week and I’m still exhausted!

Mark Zucherberg


I am guilty of being extremely jealous of Mark Zuckerberg and his success. Facebook has always been successful on both the computer and on the mobile app. In January, it was determined that for the first time ever, Americans used smartphone and tablet apps more than PCs to access the Internet. Facebook has reported that it has went up $2.5 billion in first-quarter sales, up 72% versus a year ago. The company recorded $642 million in profit, triple what it recorded a year earlier! And now that Facebook own the WhatsApp after buying it for $19 billion, I definitely can assume that it will continue to go up!

Fastest Elevator Ever



Most of us use elevators pretty often, especially if we live on campus. Well, in Hitachi, China, they are planning to build the fastest elevator in the world in the CTC building. This building contains 111 floors, which is understandable why they want to create  fast elevator. The elevator is intended to go 45 mph (thats pretty fast) and it will officially be announced at the fasted elevator in the world, right behind the correct record holder. Currently, the speed record is held by Taipei 101, which has an elevator that can go 37.65 miles per hour, launching passengers from the fifth floor to the 89th in 37 seconds! Hitachi’s planned record-breaking elevators are just 2 out of 95 total elevators. Out of those elevators, 28 are going to be double-decker elevators and a bunch of others will still be high-speed. This construction is planned to be completed by 2016. 

Yet.. another new iPhone

I am a huge fan of Apple. I love my iPhone, and I love my Mac, and I definitely love how they connect to one another so easy. But all honesty, the fact that Apple comes out with a new iPhone every 6 months with very little changes is just unnecessary. I still have my 4s because I haven’t seen or liked any new iPhone that has come out. Well they announced that there will be an iPhone 6 about a few months ago and that it would come out predicted this fall.


The iPhone 6 is intended to come in 2 sizes which I think is pretty cool. They will be offering a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch variations this year. But now they are saying that they might have to delay the release by a YEAR because of battery production issues. It is having an issues since the iPhones have become so thin, so now the battery is smaller. So I guess we might have to wait until 2015 to see that new iPhone 6!

Google Maps

Google Maps is extremely popular and recently they came out with an awesome feature. Google Maps says now you can go back in time! It is called “Street View” which lets you view what neighborhoods looked like in the past 7 years. This feature attracts more than 1 billion people a month and has become an extremely popular. An awesome feature about this is that its free since the whole usage of google maps is free! The photos only date back to 2007, but some of the neighborhoods do illustrate dramatic changes. For instance, in situations like New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, and the new Freedom tower. I think this feature is really cool and I definitely will use it!


Have you ever bought that new smartphone and you were so excited to bring it home to play around with it? I always notice when I bring it home it works perfectly for a solid 2 weeks and eventually I find glitches in the software. When I got my iPhone a while ago, I was obsessed with it, now I find so many problems with it and it’s sad when you spend so much money for a phone that isn’t up to par.

Well.. the Galaxy S5 recently came out, and what do you think happened? There are glitches of course. Recently an article was posted about the top 5 problems with the Galaxy S5 and the solutions on how to fix them. The 5 problems:

  • no download booster
  • lag or stutter
  • water damage
  • slow camera
  • camera failed

Hopefully eventually we either come to realize we will never buy a perfect smartphone, or a perfect smartphone finally comes out!