The Threats of Social Media

One of the first things that struck me while starting Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows was when Carr brings up McLuhan’s Understanding Media, and says how McLuhan was not necessarily just trying to celebrate the power of new technologies but was also trying to warn us against this power that they possess. This idea got me thinking. Are the technological advances that we’re experiencing taking us in a positive direction only? Social media is a way for people to create a connection with one another, share their own ideas and much more. Websites such as facebook began as a website mainly for college students. It was a way for them to meet one another before attending the schools of their choice. You would put in your information of what school you were going to attend, and it would show you other people your age who were also attending that school. Since it has come out, facebook has gone from this to a social media site for anyone and everyone. As we can see, there are many issues regarding social media websites such as facebook, and we tend to see this in the younger age groups. There have been many instances in which kids use it as a way to be unkind to one another or bully one another, and at certain times, kids have ended their own lives because of this. I think that this is a prime example of what McLuhan was trying to say. Despite these great technological ways of communication that have been created, there are also ways that these kinds of websites can bring about the negative. McLuhan felt that there was a large risk with this new technology, and that people would be “oblivious to that threat” (Carr). Facebook is such a popular site, and only continues to grow with the amount of users that it has. As I’m sure everyone reading this knows, many people do not think while putting things up on facebook, whether they be posts, pictures, status’, and so on. Many people will tell you to be careful with what you put up on the Internet because once it’s there, it’s there forever. However, people are oblivious to this idea. They do not realize that technology really is so advanced, and that things like facebook are a threat to your real life. Facebook has the power to ruin ones life, whether it be a relationship, or even job opportunities. Everything about you is shared with millions of people who you do not know, and security on these websites is only so good.

I shared a small article on the top 10 social media threats. It lists things such as impersonation, data leaks, phishing bait and so on.

I thought that this article is a good example of what McLuhan meant by looking at communication technologies and realizing that they are very powerful and can pose threats in our lives.



I don’t really frequent blogs much but this site Engadget is a daily blog that pertains to anything tech related. It covers anything new that relates to electronics.


Blogs I look at

This is a blog of a friend of mine.  It got over a million views which is quite impressive.  They talk about music, fashion, movies, and entertainment news.  The activity on it now is dead because they had some legal issues.


This is a fashion blog I look at occasionally.  The main focus is hip-hop/hipster style but they usually talk about what the latest styles some celebs are wearing.  Also, they  even do an NBA fashion week to see what NBA superstars are wearing outside the court.  What I find most interesting about the blog is they even talk about fashion that’s in movies or television shows.


By georgek0427

Beauty Blog

Truth be told, I do not look at blogs outside of this class, but when presented with this assignment, I instantaneously knew what type of blog I would be looking for. Make up is my passion, I like wearing it, I like putting it on, both others and myself. I like shopping for makeup, testing the new items and playing with the different pigments, and when I searched the Internet, I came across this particular site, and as I began to navigate through the pages, I found that this is exactly what I would be looking for in a blogging site. The author offers not only information about a different beauty product in each post, but engages the readers with her own personal opinions and pictures, as well as suggestions as to what to pair it with, when it could be used, and even ideal places to purchase the product. Not only did I find this blog engaging, but for me specifically it was informative and gave me suggestions and ideas that I myself never would have thought off, and showed me new products that I would love to try, that normally I would pass without a glance each time I visit the store.

Cara Brook’s Beauty Blog

A blog I frequent at is I often find myself browsing through posts when I have free time, and want to look at beauty related posts. I watch beauty videos online, but if I am on the bus or a similar situation, I am less likely to do so and prefer reading a blog. is run by Cara Brook, who generates beauty posts varying from “Makeover Mondays” to beauty tutorials and reviews. She also posts outfit “look-books” in which she creates outfits and shares them, including links of where one can buy certain pieces. Cara posts almost daily, allowing her readers to actively read and interact with her and other readers. Cara has over 40,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel, which is linked through her blog, and has gained notoriety through Allure magazine, by being named the number one beauty blogger of 2013.


I know that beauty blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I enjoy it. Through Cara’s posts I can learn beauty tricks here and there, such as where to buy “dupes”, i.e. cheaper, alternative versions of certain beauty products, in this example a brown eye shadow .  I also really like posts such as this one, a DIY on making your own eye shadow primer. I find new beauty products from her, and often check her blog for a review on a certain product that I am in the market for, before actually purchasing it.


The layout of Cara’s blog is very useful to readers, as it as aesthetically pleasing, and has a menu including links to her other social media outlets, a FAQ, popular page, and shop page.  In addition, Cara links all the products she reviews and uses in her posts, making it easy to check out and buy them. She also demonstrates her make up looks and techniques in video format, which allows the reader to actually see make up application and technique, as opposed to imagining it strictly from reading a post about it. She also makes it easy to share her blog posts, by providing links for her readers to utilize. Her posts are easy to follow, written in an informal yet “educational” manner.


I have been a follower of Cara for a little over a year now, and I still look forward to her new posts daily. I would’ve never known which dry shampoo to buy, nor which lipstick shade compliments my complexion without Cara. I’m very glad to have found this site, and I hope some of you (maybe?) check her out. If you’re looking for beauty tricks and reviews, Cara Brooks is the beauty blogger for you!

By maggiebania, is a blog on tumblr. It is organized in the traditionally stacked format of tumblr blogs. The posts are listed by date with the most recent at the top. The author(s) of the blog have the choice of inserting text, photos, quotes, links, chat boxes, audio files, and videos, but most of the posts are video and articles.
Futurescope states it’s mission at the top of the page as: a project about down-the-road technology, nascent futures, weak signals, foresight, future technology, zukunftsforschung, emerging technology, high-tech and amazing visions of the future.
I was drawn to this blog because it shows what people at the top of their fields are doing. The distribution of technology is often delayed long after it’s initial development. Do to this development-production delay the products consumers can actually buy are not as advanced as what current researches and developers are capable of creating. The blog has covered topics like mentally controlled by prosthetic limbs, 3D printing, and flexible touchscreen technology. By providing what the future holds it is easier to plan for the future.


Julie, Julia, and Anthony Bourdain

Admittedly, my first exposure to blogging was tied to the  movie Julie and Julia. I mean, I knew blogging existed before. I knew there were people out there typing information onto the web. I just didn’t know that that information held anything of value or was something that I could identify with.

In the movie, Julie and Julia, Julie blogs about cooking her way through Julia Child’s cookbook, The Art of French Cooking. Because it was based on a true story that incorporated my two loves–food and writing–I sort of became more aware of the blogging world at that point.

As we were presented with the assignment of finding a blog and providing coverage of that blog, my mind was going in all different sorts of directions. I knew my the blog I wanted to focus on was going to be about food, but I couldn’t actually decide on which one I liked. Then, I took a minute and remembered one of my favorite writers–Anthony Bourdain. In Bourdain’s blog, there are some pictures of his worldly travels, but the heart, the blog is just a bunch well written, witty, funny descriptions of his travels. It’s the story that is highlighted. And not just his stories, but the stories of all different types of people, culture, and food. He writes about experience in the least intimidating way and that’s always been something I’ve admired.

Need Inspiration?


Sometimes I may come off as extremely lazy or unproductive, but the truth is, I am just completely unmotivated when it comes to my artwork – this is why I use tumblr! Tumblr has everything you need – whether you like art, games, quotes, cars, etc – tumblr has a place for everyone. On Cinemagorgeous’s tumblr blog, he posts photos of mythical creatures, fantasy worlds, and detailed pictures of the city. It makes me want to design a fantasy world of my own. Can you?


Philly sports

I don’t normally read blogs or blog about anything. When I go on the internet, I always seem to be reading up on the latest sports story or anything else that is going on in the sports world. From ESPN to the local sports news I just seem to be reading up about sports. My buddy told my about recently and it’s just a little collaboration of news about Philadelphia sports teams pulling stories from different sites. It is pretty neat having news of all my teams conveniently located on one page so I don’t have to dig and search for the latest updates about Philly sports.

Little Thing #1001: Finding the Perfect Blog

My freshmen year of college a friend introduced me to a blog belonging to Nancy Yu entitled ‘Just Little Things’ (

Originally, the blog was updated daily with a list of little things to appreciate about life. The posts were numbered and created a list of everyday things that would just make you stop, think, smile, and appreciate the little things in life.


just little things

Eventually, the blog became so popular that Just Little Things was converted into a coffee table book.  One section of the website is now just dedicated to creations people made out of Just Little Things posts. For example, my laptop wallpaper:



(I think every time someone sees my desktop for the first time they have a mini heart attack thinking that I have so many post it notes and reminders-but don’t worry, it’s just a picture)

I think what makes Just Little Things so popular is that anyone can relate to it on some level (Also, it takes our easily distracted brains approximately 10 seconds to read the newest post). But seriously, who hasn’t smiled after ‘receiving a compliment from a stranger’ (post #9), or enjoyed ‘a perfect cup of coffee’ (post #159). Just Little Things has a ‘little thing’ that anyone can relate to and take the time to appreciate