Everyone is a producer and a consumer of digital media…to some extent

I believe almost every person is in some way, shape, or form a producer and a consumer of digital media.  When someone goes on websites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, they are not aimlessly absorbing media the way one might if they were sitting in front of a TV or radio. Rather, they are active participants in the social media world. With the click of a button we can ‘like’ a photo, share an image, or announce to the world exactly what we are doing at this very moment.

And who runs this social media world? The digital medical world is no longer run by TV producers, talk show hosts, or journalists. In this day and age anyone and everyone can be a producer of social media. By sending a tweet, posting a Facebook status, or even being in a photo that was uploaded on the Internet, you are a producer of digital media.

This explosion of digital media producers has its pros and cons. For example, a struggling musician on YouTube finally has an audience to share his cover of a famous Beatles song…but so do thousands of other people. This struggling musician’s work can get lost among the myriads of people posting the same cover of the same song.

As for me, I consider myself more of a consumer than a producer of social media. Although I have a twitter account, I have never tweeted. Although I have Instagram, I have not posted any photos. And although I’ve spent countless hours reading things on the Internet, this is my first real blog post.  That’s not to say that I don’t have the occasional Facebook upload or Snapchat, it’s just that I would rather sit back and consume social media rather then produce it.

Overall, I think to some extent everyone is a producer and a consumer of digital media. But, like almost everything else in the world, there is plenty of individual variation. Rather than being labeled as a ‘producer’ or ‘consumer’, people fall on a spectrum of how much media they consume versus how much media they produce.


One comment on “Everyone is a producer and a consumer of digital media…to some extent

  1. This seems to be the best way to view the emerging media landscape of the 21st century. When we get into Clay Shirky’s book we will be exploring the ways that individuals are utilizing digital media and social platforms to generate all types of change – personal, social, and artistic. Of course, at first glance, this suggestion seems to be ridiculous – as we are all familiar with the negative aspects of digital platforms and social media. We will be discussing these problems and how we can address them productively in the next few weeks.

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