Beauty Blog

Truth be told, I do not look at blogs outside of this class, but when presented with this assignment, I instantaneously knew what type of blog I would be looking for. Make up is my passion, I like wearing it, I like putting it on, both others and myself. I like shopping for makeup, testing the new items and playing with the different pigments, and when I searched the Internet, I came across this particular site, and as I began to navigate through the pages, I found that this is exactly what I would be looking for in a blogging site. The author offers not only information about a different beauty product in each post, but engages the readers with her own personal opinions and pictures, as well as suggestions as to what to pair it with, when it could be used, and even ideal places to purchase the product. Not only did I find this blog engaging, but for me specifically it was informative and gave me suggestions and ideas that I myself never would have thought off, and showed me new products that I would love to try, that normally I would pass without a glance each time I visit the store.


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