Cara Brook’s Beauty Blog

A blog I frequent at is I often find myself browsing through posts when I have free time, and want to look at beauty related posts. I watch beauty videos online, but if I am on the bus or a similar situation, I am less likely to do so and prefer reading a blog. is run by Cara Brook, who generates beauty posts varying from “Makeover Mondays” to beauty tutorials and reviews. She also posts outfit “look-books” in which she creates outfits and shares them, including links of where one can buy certain pieces. Cara posts almost daily, allowing her readers to actively read and interact with her and other readers. Cara has over 40,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel, which is linked through her blog, and has gained notoriety through Allure magazine, by being named the number one beauty blogger of 2013.


I know that beauty blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I enjoy it. Through Cara’s posts I can learn beauty tricks here and there, such as where to buy “dupes”, i.e. cheaper, alternative versions of certain beauty products, in this example a brown eye shadow .  I also really like posts such as this one, a DIY on making your own eye shadow primer. I find new beauty products from her, and often check her blog for a review on a certain product that I am in the market for, before actually purchasing it.


The layout of Cara’s blog is very useful to readers, as it as aesthetically pleasing, and has a menu including links to her other social media outlets, a FAQ, popular page, and shop page.  In addition, Cara links all the products she reviews and uses in her posts, making it easy to check out and buy them. She also demonstrates her make up looks and techniques in video format, which allows the reader to actually see make up application and technique, as opposed to imagining it strictly from reading a post about it. She also makes it easy to share her blog posts, by providing links for her readers to utilize. Her posts are easy to follow, written in an informal yet “educational” manner.


I have been a follower of Cara for a little over a year now, and I still look forward to her new posts daily. I would’ve never known which dry shampoo to buy, nor which lipstick shade compliments my complexion without Cara. I’m very glad to have found this site, and I hope some of you (maybe?) check her out. If you’re looking for beauty tricks and reviews, Cara Brooks is the beauty blogger for you!

By maggiebania

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