Guess what is on tonight -A

PLL, A, Rosewood… What other than Pretty Little Liars?


I have been watching this show since it began and it is kind of an obsession. If you watch PLL, you know all the episodes and theories that have been coming up since the show started. Alison is still alive.. true. Toby was a part of A.. true. Mona was a part of A.. true again.

But lately since the show just started the new season, there has been other theories and assumption of who A is and who is really after Alison. Since last season ended with the information that Ezra is A, the show itself this season has been little bit sketchy. Ezra himself just seems so creepy and in a way its weird that they are showing this now, but originally made him so normal.

A – T E A M… Alison, Toby, Ezra, Aria, Mona. But Aria? Everything else is pretty accurate though so why wouldn’t her name be accurate too?


Pretty Little Liars Blog

The fourth comment down on the blog makes a great point about Aria though! But aside from that, the first post with Spencer is so weird. I feel like when I watch the show I try so hard to focus on certain aspects, but don’t notice the other important ones. The picture of Spencer holding the two objects that represented Alison’s “murder weapons” is shocking because I didn’t even notice that while watching the episodes. I’m not sure if it is significant/implying Spencer is involved or just something interesting the director wanted to add in.

If you watch PLL, what do you think? What are some theories you have or heard about the show?


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