Half and Half

I wouldn’t like to categorize myself as either a full time producer or a full time consumer. I live both of these lives, but may have to tip the scale toward being more of a consumer than a producer. There are just so many things to look at and watch and learn from on the internet. I did not know that a site like wordpress even existed where people can blog in an instant like this. I always thought that blogs are always all clustered and jammed with information that is scrambled all over the place. 

I have been using a smartphone from when i was about thirteen years old. My first ever smartphone was a HTC Hero, which my dad had brought for me from London, because new companies like HTC, really were not around in America at that time. From that time on, all I have used my smartphones mainly for is to consume and produce on the internet. The introduction of a smartphone that  early in my life was a little detrimental. I became obsessed with that phone. I was on it, playing games or reading the news or doing something or another on that phone, and soon I got bored of it. I wanted more excitement and newer technology. Money sadly does not grow on trees for me, so I had to make due with what I had. I started rooting my phone and I mastered that art till the point that I created my own boot sequences (start-up screens). 



I do produce those types of things on the internet, but at the same time I am much more of a consumer. I read the news everyday, I look through my Facebook news feed everyday, I go through my Instagram everyday, and i post once in a while as well. 

There is a correlation between producers and consumers. What we produce is also what we consume. I used to produce technology, and so most of my newsfeed on google news, is about technology. What interests a person is what they will consume and produce. 

By fk125

One comment on “Half and Half

  1. I agree with your categorization, but I would recommend changing out your terminology. Half and half makes me think of coffee condiments – I would recommend substituting something like a partial hybrid, suggesting that you dabble in both media production and consumption, without recourse to non-dairy beverage accouterments.

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