, is a blog on tumblr. It is organized in the traditionally stacked format of tumblr blogs. The posts are listed by date with the most recent at the top. The author(s) of the blog have the choice of inserting text, photos, quotes, links, chat boxes, audio files, and videos, but most of the posts are video and articles.
Futurescope states it’s mission at the top of the page as: a project about down-the-road technology, nascent futures, weak signals, foresight, future technology, zukunftsforschung, emerging technology, high-tech and amazing visions of the future.
I was drawn to this blog because it shows what people at the top of their fields are doing. The distribution of technology is often delayed long after it’s initial development. Do to this development-production delay the products consumers can actually buy are not as advanced as what current researches and developers are capable of creating. The blog has covered topics like mentally controlled by prosthetic limbs, 3D printing, and flexible touchscreen technology. By providing what the future holds it is easier to plan for the future.



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