Julie, Julia, and Anthony Bourdain

Admittedly, my first exposure to blogging was tied to the  movie Julie and Julia. I mean, I knew blogging existed before. I knew there were people out there typing information onto the web. I just didn’t know that that information held anything of value or was something that I could identify with.

In the movie, Julie and Julia, Julie blogs about cooking her way through Julia Child’s cookbook, The Art of French Cooking. Because it was based on a true story that incorporated my two loves–food and writing–I sort of became more aware of the blogging world at that point.

As we were presented with the assignment of finding a blog and providing coverage of that blog, my mind was going in all different sorts of directions. I knew my the blog I wanted to focus on was going to be about food, but I couldn’t actually decide on which one I liked. Then, I took a minute and remembered one of my favorite writers–Anthony Bourdain. In Bourdain’s blog, there are some pictures of his worldly travels, but the heart, the blog is just a bunch well written, witty, funny descriptions of his travels. It’s the story that is highlighted. And not just his stories, but the stories of all different types of people, culture, and food. He writes about experience in the least intimidating way and that’s always been something I’ve admired.



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