Little Thing #1001: Finding the Perfect Blog

My freshmen year of college a friend introduced me to a blog belonging to Nancy Yu entitled ‘Just Little Things’ (

Originally, the blog was updated daily with a list of little things to appreciate about life. The posts were numbered and created a list of everyday things that would just make you stop, think, smile, and appreciate the little things in life.


just little things

Eventually, the blog became so popular that Just Little Things was converted into a coffee table book.  One section of the website is now just dedicated to creations people made out of Just Little Things posts. For example, my laptop wallpaper:



(I think every time someone sees my desktop for the first time they have a mini heart attack thinking that I have so many post it notes and reminders-but don’t worry, it’s just a picture)

I think what makes Just Little Things so popular is that anyone can relate to it on some level (Also, it takes our easily distracted brains approximately 10 seconds to read the newest post). But seriously, who hasn’t smiled after ‘receiving a compliment from a stranger’ (post #9), or enjoyed ‘a perfect cup of coffee’ (post #159). Just Little Things has a ‘little thing’ that anyone can relate to and take the time to appreciate



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