Facebook Paper?

There is a new application coming out on February 3rd (tomorrow) called Facebook Paper. It is basically a newspaper for your phone. From my understanding of what I have read on multiple sources online, it seems like you could customize with the topics you like – for example, if you are interested in health-related things, you could put that in your newspaper. If you don’t like sports, you could leave the sports section out. Since the name of the application is “facebook paper”, I am assuming it is going to somewhat be an extension of facebook. Since facebook is already so popular, I wonder if this application will be as popular as facebook is.

This made a thought came to my head: Who needs actual paper newspapers anymore when everything is online? The answer is, that we don’t. The truth is, the newspaper industry is dying. According to The top 10 Reasons the newspaper is dying, #1 is The Internet. It also stated that, “there’s nothing effective about a newspaper anymore”, and personally, I cannot think of anything either that is effective about paper newspapers that the internet cannot provide. Everything we need can be provided for us online, whether through a computer or a smartphone, with the touch of our fingertips.

Technology and media in our world is constantly growing at an alarming rate: Will the future of our world be completely online? Will the use of paper eventually become insufficient? Of course we will always need paper unless we find alternatives for wrapping paper, toilet paper, paper towels, envelopes, tissues, etc. – or will the internet somehow take over that too? It may sound ridiculous to us now, but the thought of the internet might have been ridiculous a hundred years ago.  The world will never stop growing – but hopefully we are allowing it to grow in a way where it won’t harm our futures. For example, going digital may be negative because constantly using a screen can be harsh on some peoples’ eyes – but it saves trees from being cut down.



3 comments on “Facebook Paper?

  1. The decline of newspapers is inevitable. I’m curious to see whether the “Facebook Newspaper” will be successful (I think I’ve seen the beta form of it on the side bar of my Facebook.) I guess that generic American image we have of the father figure flipping through Sunday’s newspaper during breakfast at the table, is soon to be a thing of the past.

  2. I hadn’t heard of ‘Facebook Paper’ before you posted, so thank you for providing a video. I think the video truly related to our class discussion last week in so many ways. For one thing, it shows that we are not just consumers of media. We are no longer just flipping through newspapers absorbing news. Rather, we are providing the updates and news ourselves. As the video says, this app allows you to ‘share the stories that matter most…your own.’

  3. It actually is pretty sad that newspapers are becoming irrelevant. Using the internet is so much easier, and although I don’t really find myself reading the newspaper, there are still many people that would prefer that over the internet. Many older people don’t really use the internet because they prefer reading information in newspapers. I am not sure exactly what the point of the Facebook Paper is going to be or how successful it is but I guess we will find out!

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