My old high school’s idea about Wikipedia

So in class I told everyone in class that my school had blocked wikipedia because of how everything can be edited on Wikipedia. I reached out to my old english teacher and asked him why this was not allowed even though Wikipedia makes sure that nothing is easily edited or fake on Wikipedia. This is exactly what my teacher said, I believe at the time anyone could add anything to that site which compromised its integrity.” I think that he was just trying to escape from the fact that they did not really have a reason to do so, because the way that he made it sound made it seem like they are allowing Wikipedia use in school. That is ludicrous because I still have friends that go there and they said that Wikipedia is still blocked. That old principal also retired the same year that my class graduated. I think it may be time for a letter with possibly a petition to be sent to the high school not for adding Wikipedia use, but for at least unblocking the website off its routers. 

By fk125

4 comments on “My old high school’s idea about Wikipedia

  1. I don’t understand why schools act so backwards and medieval towards Wikipedia. It’s an online encyclopedia, not Facebook or Twitter! I mean this is a stretch but, banning websites might be this generations banned books. Teachers should show students how to identify a cited versus a non cited source, and encourage them to edit pages that may not have valid or updated information. It seems like some schools like to compare Wikipedia to some sort of satanic website. That being said, I hope more schools try to integrate technology into classrooms such as utilizing sites like Wikipedia, and not shunning them based on their “integrity”.

  2. My school never got to the point of blocking Wikipedia, but most of my teachers in high school did not promote the use of this website. I, like everyone else, am not quite sure why you cannot use Wikipedia. I have found that all of the information that I find on Wikipedia is the same as you will find on other sites. I most definitely agree that your old teacher did not have any valid reason as to why Wikipedia was not allowed. I agree with Maggie that teachers should encourage fixing the problems of Wikipedia rather than banning the site altogether. I have noticed in college, as well as high school, that I am still not allowed to use Wikipedia, and at times I grow extremely frustrated because I am confused as to how in 2014 we are still believing that it is an “inaccurate” source to use.

  3. My middle and high school was the same and disapproved the use of Wikipedia. However, I understand that at the time (5 or 6 years ago) it was not considered a reliable source because it was actually easier to edit and post something on there. As we discussed in class, this is really not the case anymore and it should be considered a source. It’s odd that your principal tried to avoid the question being asked, which advances the doubt that they were not aware of the editing process on Wikipedia. Hopefully, schools will ease up on Wiki and allow students to use the site because it can be really helpful for any topic. It also lists the sources on the bottom!

  4. After our discussion in class about Wikipedia I also think its dumb that its blocked. I had no idea that you had to create an account to make a change on a topic. Also the statistics that our professor was saying in class about who actually creates a post which are like people with masters and phds was news to me too. I always check out Wikipedia as a starting point to the rest of my research on most topics.

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