In class, we have been discussing how technology has become such a necessity in our lives. Smartphones have become not only something people want, but something people need. It has become a daily utility that people rely on for taking pictures, making calls, texting, social networking, getting directions, and reminders. While we are doing homework, we procrastinate by checking our phones and tweeting/facebook-ing. Smartphones are one of the biggest things out right now, and they are only growing to be bigger. A new smartphone comes out every few months, whether its an iPhone, a Samsung, or an LG, and everyone always wants to get the newest phone out. iPhone’s have been growing since 2008, and every year Apple comes out with a new iPhone. Personally, I feel that the only difference I saw in iPhone’s was when Apple went from the iPhone 3 to the 4, because it didn’t only change the appearance, but it changed drastically in the software too. In the past 3 years, iPhones came out with the 4, 4s, 5, 5c, and 5s, and personally I don’t really see a dramatic change from the 4s to the 5. I feel that Apple felt that they were losing consumers, and fighting for them to keep in business with them. Recently you have been able to see that Google/Windows is coming up with new phones to gain business although they have a huge consumer base.

There is always something new coming out, at least once a year, but I have yet to find something that has caught my eye. Every iPhone is the same, Apple adds a new little feature to every phone but I don’t feel like it is a “wow” fact into buying the phone. I love Apple, so I will always support them, but I just haven’t been impressed with their recent phones. Google makes Window phones and to me, there is nothing special about them either. Although I love my iPhone, I would really like to see something different come out, even if its the iPhone but with a crazy new feature that will dramatically change the view of Apple consumers. Like I said, it has everything you need in one, and without my phone I don’t know how I would get through the day. Once you go to a smartphone, I feel that it will be hard to go back, so I don’t know about you, but I’m crossing my fingers for something new to come out!


4 comments on “Smartphones

  1. I agree with you – ultimately smartphones all do the same thing. You can multitask, go on the internet, have apps, play games – and some are even waterproof. I feel like there is no “wow” component in phones recently either – they always make minor changes to update a phone just to release it and say it’s new. Personally though for me, I found one phone that caught my eye, but I don’t think it’s real – it’s just an image. There probably isn’t anything different about it besides it’s appearance, though.

    I don’t think there is a way to post images on responses, so here is a link to the ‘unique’ looking phone I found:

  2. Honestly, when it comes to me and my iPhone, its like a bad codependent relationship. I don’t make use of half of its functionalities, yet I always upgrade to the newest one. I’m a big sucker for the aesthetics. I think iPhones are hard to stray from–at least in my experience!

  3. As Alex mentioned in class, it may be the case that the competition between Apple, Google, Windows, and other competing companies will be helpful to the consumers in terms of the strength and stability of products that are sold to the consumer market. Of course, one could counter that this is a weak, naive view of a consumer/product utopia, however, what we have seen in the last few years is that consumers do hold a significant amount of power in terms of what companies continue to create and circulate in terms of their product lines. If looked at in this way, we can ask, what possible benefits might emerge from the competition that various companies find find themselves embroiled in. Perhaps what we are seeing is the first genuine realization of Adam Smith’s principles of the free market in history, or, it may all be part of the advertising hype.

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