A class on editing Wikipedia

After class last Tuesday I stumbled across an interesting article that I thought related well to our class discussion on Wikipedia.

The University of California, San Francisco Medical School recently introduced an innovate elective to their fourth year medical school students: a course on editing Wikipedia. Fourth year medical students can now sign up to take a course where they do no nothing but keep Wikipedia (and therefore the rest of the world) up to data on current medical knowledge.

I think it is a great idea that these medical school students can put their knowledge to good use by editing Wikipedia articles on topics related to the medical field. Who better to be editing medical information than tech savvy medical students working under the guidance of long time practicing physicians?

I find it amazing how much Wikipedia has become part of my every day life, and how much I rely on it. If I need help with something for school, or I need to look up the definition of a complex concept, or even if I just need to know other movies a certain actor has starred in, I usually turn to Wikipedia before anything else. It’s nice to know that the people editing these pages are really experts in their respective field.

As a future medical student I can definitely see myself taking an interest in the future of medicine on Wikipedia. I think having students edit Wikipedia under the guidance of a Professor is a great idea that should be copied by other institutes of higher education.

For more information, see the full article:


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