Distractions and Americans

Something that Carr brings in up The Shallows that we also discussed in class is this idea of distractions. This is kind of how I feel when I sit down and read for a class. I have noticed that I will be trying to read an article or a book and it takes me that much longer simply because I feel like I have so many distractions around me. I will be sitting down reading and at the same time, I will be thinking about what I have to do after that for another one of my classes. In a lot of my classes, I am assigned to read articles found online. Instead of printing readings off, I sit with the article open on my computer and attempt to read. I can get through about 10 minutes of reading before I want to browse Pinterest, check if a grade has been posted for one of my other classes, or do any of the other twenty things that I can think of doing. I found it interesting that Carr talks about this in his chapter, “Hal and Me”. Carr is discussing how his mind works while reading a book. Carr says, “my concentration starts to drift after a page or two” and “I get fidgety, lose the thread, begin looking for something else to do”. I feel like many people, not just Carr and myself, face this problem, and personally, I feel as though it is usually Americans. I know that this is just an opinion, but it is only after traveling to other countries that I came up with this conclusion. We have become so consumed in all of the different kinds of social media in our lives that we will push back the important things that have due dates in order to tweet or instagram a picture of our meal. I have been able to visit places such as Italy, and I have realized that people there tend to live more in the moment, with fewer distractions. I realized during my vacations there that when people are enjoying their time with one another, they do not pull out their phones to tweet. text, or do anything like that, but instead, are actually in the moment. I believe that distractions have a lot to do with rushing through life. I’m sure everyone here has gone to New York City. If you stop and take a look around, everyone is in a rush. You never see someone taking their time walking down the street, and why is that? Probably because they are thinking about what they should be doing next, and then what they should be doing after that, and so on. People are constantly being distracted by the many different things that they feel they must do throughout their days. However, as we all know, most countries tend to use different kinds of social media, I just feel as though it is not as frequent as people within the United States.


One comment on “Distractions and Americans

  1. I absolutely agree with you. For me, if I’m reading on a topic that doesn’t particularly hold my interest, I tend to drift off into social media or start thinking about all the other things I need to do that day. Sometimes its very hard to refocus and stay on target. I forget where I read this, but studies show that reading for ten minutes, taking a break, and then going back to that reading actually does more for your brain and allows you to actually retain that information.

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