While most people were watching the Super Bowl I was sitting on an airplane. I had thirty minutes of free (poor quality ) wifi. I figured I browse the internet and read something entertaining. I started looking at a few blogs after class on Tuesday and saved a few websites. I clicked on one of them and somehow stumbled onto an article called 10 Horrifying Facts About Flying. I have no idea why I clicked the link while I was 30,000  feet in the air but for some reason I did. I found out that it probably was not in my head that there was more turbulence during the average flight. According to this article there could be  10-40% more turbulence by mid century due to an increase in carbon dioxide. I also learned that many pilots fall asleep at the controls.

“Here’s an eye-opening statistic: Between 43 and 54 percent of pilots surveyed in the U.K., Norway, and Sweden admitted to having fallen asleep while flying a passenger plane. Even worse, a third of them stated that they woke up to find that their copilot had also been sleeping!”

Through this article I also learned how disgusting planes actually are. Planes are flying on tighter schedules and are lacking a break in-between takeoffs for any type of cleaning. ”

Since cold and influenza viruses can live for days on surfaces, planes can become germ hotbeds. Watch out for seat pockets (where sick passengers may stash dirty tissues), tray tables (a study found that 60 percent of tray tables tested harbored the “superbug” MRSA), and airplane blankets (which are only washed every five to 30 days,” I felt a little uncomfortable with my laptop on the tray table after reading this.

This article was most definitely not the best thing for me to read while I was flying but it kept me entertained for twenty minutes… and paranoid for the rest of the flight.


5 comments on “Flying

  1. The fact that pilots and co-pilots fall asleep during their job with the lives of people in their hands makes me lose respect for them and never want to go on a plane again – I understand people are tired and need sleep, but they should sleep in shifts. These facts are alarming – it makes me wonder what airline companies were researched in making that page.

  2. That’s kind of scary that they fall asleep…my family travels a lot so I’m constantly on planes but still get major anxiety during take off and landing…so this is definitely not going to help my case next time I’m on a plane…hahaha

  3. haha the fact you read this while you were on the plane terrifies me! I think that thats crazy that pilots and co-pilots are falling asleep on the plane, that is so scary and they are risking so many lives by doing so. As for flying, I love the airport and the idea of traveling, but every time I get on a plane I am more nervous than the time before I don’t know why! But #5 on the list is so accurate, every time my family and I fly, we always try to get the exit seats because we feel that would be the safest place to be! Hope your flight went well!

  4. One of my friends is actually a non commercial pilot! He tells me that he falls asleep ALL the time! They put their airplanes onto autopilot with the navigation that most planes in our century are required to have. This navigation system points the plane in the right direction, maintains altitude, and even watches for other planes in the district that are getting too close. It is true that these planes are not really sanitary either. In my Sociology of Med and Health Care class, the professor told us a story of what happened I believe might have been the 80’s. Planes coming from South Africa had poisonous spiders sitting and nesting under their toilet seats, and would bite anyone that had to take care of business resulting in their death within a few days. Check the toilet seat before sitting down on any public toilet please!

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