How it affects us

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? I can honestly say after turning off my alarm, I read my texts, check Facebook and scroll on Instagram. I do that when I’m bored, procrastinating, on the bus, etc., and it really is crazy how much technology has taken over our lives. If I’m not on my phone, I’m on the computer looking at Facebook and other things online. The internet has become a daily utility everyday, and although it is extremely helpful and convenient, it is also time consuming and taking our time away from getting other things done.

Whenever you’re bored, do you think about reading a book for leisure? I definitely don’t but truthfully, I wish I did. I wish that my first thought would be to go reach for a book, but it really is to go reach for my phone, computer, or the remote. I love reading for leisure, but I never find myself doing it which makes no sense. After a day of classes and a week of exams, my only thought is I want to lay down and watch TV and text. The amount of power technology has had on our generation is insane, but I can’t picture my life without it.




2 comments on “How it affects us

  1. As a person who 100% agrees with you, I feel like people do not engage themselves with books anymore because technology is more convenient and way more tempting: Books are usually put away on shelves, and a television is usually the first thing you see when you walk into a living room.

  2. I agree that I am much more likely to reach for my phone or my laptop than to reach for a book. I think part of the reason is because you can spend any increment of time on a phone, while you would need to designate a larger amount of time for a book. For example, if you only had a ten minute break it would be much easier to go on Facebook than to start a chapter of a book that you definitely won’t finish in those ten minutes.

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