Social Media Addiction

When I think about the way social media has a grip on people my age, I find that it resembles an addiction. I’ve asked a few people about their habits when it comes to visiting social media, and many have often cited that they visit these sites needlessly often.

In many ways, I am addicted to Facebook. I visit the site multiple times a day, and often just to pass the time. I found that I very rarely go to look for or read a specific thing. Although I did not participate fully this week, I have banned myself from Facebook in the past. During this past summer, in an effort to focus myself on studying for my MCATs, I refused to log into Facebook for about 2 months. I was surprised to find myself less disconnected than I previously thought. Not to say I didn’t miss it, but I learned to live without. However, I do not see Facebook as a devastating time-waster in my own life. The reason I chose to deactivate my account was simply to give up any temptation, and to see if I could actually do it. Now, having finished that intensive studying, I do not see a reason to be adamantly off of Facebook. So I reactivated. I understand that I am addicted, and I needlessly visit Facebook often, but I am also confident that I can complete what I need to complete, and I think that’s what matters most to me.

Whats scary to me is that I am beginning to see how people can ‘get help’ for their addictions. This Huffington Post Article talks about a few steps you can take in order to break your addiction. It’s frightening to think that people are so addicted, they need to follow quasi-AA type steps in order to overcome. In the future, I can only see the problems getting worse with the advent of technology and increasing frequency of popular social media websites.

By rohpatel

8 comments on “Social Media Addiction

  1. Facebook is okay from time to time, but I’ve learned that like with anything, moderation is key. I hate that I have to scold myself occasionally for logging on when I know I have other priorities I need to get done. I like that you included an article– I hope I never have to go to “Facebook Rehab”:)

  2. I completely understand your addiction and I myself go on facebook often – I had to deactivate my account during finals. I agree with Maggie, that moderation is the key – I feel like it’s okay to check when you have a free minute, but going on facebook for hours at a time, obsessive with uploading photos, etc is when people get seriously addicted and it becomes a problem.

  3. I feel like I’m always on Facebook just to pass time too, but a few months ago I gave up Twitter and I honestly can say that I don’t miss it. Twitter, I feel, is people writing about their opinions that I don’t care for. Social networks such as twitter and Facebook frustrate me sometimes because its either people bragging, posting annoying pictures, or writing unnecessary things. The addiction on social networks has gotten so bad. Good thing you gave it up during your studying, hope it went well!

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