Super Bowl Commercial

Year in and year out we have one of the world’s most watched events. The Super Bowl. Capping off the end to the NFL season pitting the two best teams from each conference. Most people however don’t really remember or care for the game unless they are an avid fan of the game or a fan for one of the two teams. No most people watch for the commercials. Commercials that have come along way and adjusted to the new age of people with short attention spans and outrageously high prices for thirty second slots. Some funny, some boring, but most are right to the point. They have gone above and beyond from the entertainment aspect. But looking and watching these commercials from the Super Bowl from last night, the Apple commercial from 1984 advertising the Macintosh came to mind. Watching it and watching the commercials from last night it just blows my mind how they are done and the breakthrough and importance that these Super Bowl commercials serve.


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