Losing ourselves in Technology

As I began reading Carr’s prologue it made me realize how crazily obsessed we as people
have become with the media and technology. We constantly thrive on being alarmed with the latest
news, therefore leaving high demands in the hands of hungry technological innovators. Technology and media travel hand in hand for we crave new, updated products that lure us in with their exciting features. People go as far as camping out in order to have these products but that poses a whole other topic of our serious problem with materialism. It really made me think when Sarnoff gave his speech debating that the technology is not to blame but its really ourselves and how we use these tools to blame for the negatives tied to technology. I think we are so warped by media with so many resources that aid in it like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Information gets exchanged in the matter of seconds and spreads quickly. When i read “the cogent of a medium is just “the juicy piece of meat carried by the burglar to distract the watchdog of the mind” I immediately thought of Miley Cyrus and how she is prime example of this. She does something crazy and weird and the media eats it up which just keeps her relevant in people’s mind and she makes a fortune. As much as I do blame technology, I really think we aid in our obsession to the media too. Im a victim of it, I presented in class Perez Hilton’s blog, a day-to-day update of celebrities lives. When I was asked which device I look at this on, I replied with computer and for a moment forgot you could look on it on your phone as well. It just goes to show how many tools we use that provide us with the information we crave. When he ends with “it is so much our servant that it would seem churlish to notice that it also our master”, I think accurately describes what technology has become to us.


2 comments on “Losing ourselves in Technology

  1. The second sentence of your blog literally defines me. Since I can remember, I have been using social media. Over times, I have been going on different celebrity blogs or fashion sites, and more specifically, Perez Hilton. I always want to know the latest news on celebrities and to be honest, I have no idea why. The same goes for Twitter. I follow not only friends and family members on Twitter, but celebrities as well. I feel like social media gives us this sense of actually KNOWING celebrities or people that we may never know. It makes them seem more like us normal people.

  2. Going to restaurants and paying the tip I just pull out my phone and use an app. This makes life easy of course but it would make struggle to do simple math if I did not have my phone on me. This is another example of us losing ourselves to technology.

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