Technology and how I have to use it at work

Everyone is talking about how technology is bad for us and how it is detrimental to relationships and everything of that sort; I am not saying that any of that is incorrect, but at the same time, technology is also used for good. 

As an EMT, we have these laptops called, Toughbooks, which are made by Panasonic (who’s even heard of that anymore), and these Toughbooks are connected to the internet and all they can be used for is for inputing patient information and updating patient records. These Toughbooks are connected to a server that all New Jersey EMT’s must use to upload patient information to starting this January. Before 2014, EMTs did not have to go virtual with everything, but actually did everything by hand. 

In my squad room, there is whole room filled with just papers and papers that are all patient information. That room is locked and can only be accessed with special permission because of New Jersey’s HEPA laws about patient information. Now that everything is online, it is a lot easier to prevent the unauthorized access of patient information.

The paramedics in our current day, no longer have to use the same techniques that had to monitor blood pressure and heart rhythms anymore. They carry around these huge laptop looking things that monitor everything just by connecting a few “sticky pads” to the main arteries of the patients. 

Not only are the paramedics using technology for the better, but the whole medical community is. All doctor offices are required now to go virtual, where again all patient information is virtual. Do you all think, that may be the reason why a lot of medical professionals in our day are lacking a human touch, or is medical attention and care the same as it was maybe ten or even five years ago?  

By fk125

One comment on “Technology and how I have to use it at work

  1. Earlier in the week I had agreed with someone who posted a blog on this idea that too much technology can cause problems in ones everyday life. However, my reference to technology in this earlier posting was about social media and how people basically live their lives through things like Facebook or Twitter. Your post shows us an important side to technology, a medical side. I believe that when it comes to saving lives and taking care of the sick, we cannot have enough technology. I support technology in any sense where it can help people. In regards to your question at the end of your blog, I do not necessarily think that medical professionals lack a human touch. I think that medicine is a very serious field to get involved with, and that it’s professionals have been the same throughout the years.

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