Visions of the Future

In reading Carr, I began to immediately think his ideas toed an Orwellian futuristic, 1980’s-esque line. Not so much in the totalitarian, rights-oppressing sort of way, but more in the influence and power of technology way. As Carr posits, the influence the Internet (and other technologies during their respective times) have had on the mental processes of us as human beings have manifested into a previously unthinkable reality. He cites how the mechanical clock completely revolutionized the way we conceived time while the idea of punctuality was born. Maps changed the view humans had on their world. The internet is currently in a similar state of transition; and how far from the precipice we are cannot be known except in hindsight.

When thinking about the influence of technology, I am reminded of the new movie I watched a couple weeks ago named HerNot to give anything away, the plot-line centered around the protagonist (played by Joaquin Phoenix) who falls in love essentially with a computer. Of course, ‘she’ is far more than our conception of a computer. She was designed to be an adaptable and unique operating system that had the ability to learn and seemingly feel. I don’t want to give too much away but I wanted to point out that I do not think this sort of technology is eons away. We are closer than we think.

Who knows, maybe after ALL humans can become joined by marriage, the next civil rights push will be for the union of a lonely man and his operating system.

By rohpatel

3 comments on “Visions of the Future

  1. How was ‘Her’ by the way?! I really want to see that. But anyway, I really like that you discussed technology and it’s advancements over time. I also think that we are advancing quicker than we think. Sometimes I feel like we are too technological and that this does not necessarily work in our favor. I think sometimes we want to change nature more than it should be changed. I definitely want to see ‘Her’ but the plot definitely weirds me out.

    • Movie was really good. A little different, but definitely enjoyable (to me). I have to agree with you though, humans have been trying to take over nature since they first evolved on this earth.

  2. Her was a great movie. I don’t actually think artificial intelligence will take over anytime soon, but it is a great possibility. What the real take away message from the movie for me was that we have to learn to appreciate everything life has to offer, and try and grow from it. The internet is just another medium for us to access so that we can grow to our ultimate state.

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