What Motivates You?


This video is immensely motivational to watch, and holds some weight to the discussions we’ve been having in class. We discussed important progress in the way we look up information (wikipedia,) communicate (Facebook and Skype,) and how we want to live our lives. Motivation and drive are a huge factor in our decisions on a daily basis, and understanding what it is that drives us is crucial to making sure our own future will be enjoyable. What I love about this video is that it goes out of its way to reject the trite paradigm that money can motivate people, and it explores deeper meaning as to what it is that we want with our life. We want autonomy, we want mastery, we want purpose. This relates to our class in that autonomy seems to be the major right in contention with standard means of education and work;  there is typically one set way in terms of expectations of us that we must meet, and if we deviate from that we are considered subpar. Many times what we want is not what is offered, and this leads us to be discouraged, and sink even further into our technology and media to dull our emptiness. If we do not know what we want, we have nothing to master, and our skills and sensibilities wash away. And finally, without purpose, none of this means anything. There is a purpose in me posting this blog, which helps me master the art of creative writing, which enables me to autonomously express myself. I don’t think it is fair to point fingers and say Party X is responsible for all of the reasons that media seems to be consuming our minds at the alarming rate that is does, but I do think it is fair to say that we all as a society have an inherent responsibility to work together and encourage others to stray from the path of conventionality and let us all be architects of our destiny. This class is definitely interesting through the way that is opens up new mediums of creative exchange, and it is within our power to soak up everything we can from this and continue with our future, and the media, in my opinion, is just a distraction in the time between getting life done.


One comment on “What Motivates You?

  1. Alex, I really enjoyed the way that you took this video and broke it down into explaining your purpose (when you wrote, “there is a purpose in me posting this blog…”). I have had the chance to see this video in another one of my classes and I too found it very interesting and different than what we normally learn, this idea that money is “motivating”. I also think that this class allows creativity. We are allowed to post about basically whatever we want, and therefore, the creativity for our blogs is limitless.

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