Class 2/4

I thought the exercise we did in class today was really interesting and engaging. I am a human resource management major and this is my first time taking a creative writing class. I have never taken a class with less than 50 people before here at Rutgers so it was really fun to do an activity that allowed me to see what everyone else is into. It creates a bond with the class that I have yet to experience at Rutgers. Upon entering Rutgers, I was constantly told how huge of a school it was but today I got a glance of how small and personal it can be. Another great thing about this class is that so many people have different awesome hobbies that I saw today like photography and drawing. I also was able to see some similarities that I share with people in the class like my passion for traveling and my favorite football team (Eagles). I am a senior and will be graduating in May so I am happy that I am able to participate in this class for my last semester. I think conversations will eventually become more comfortable as well.


6 comments on “Class 2/4

  1. I agree! You usually don’t get so close and personal in other classes but it was cool to present our interests and hobbies to everyone.

  2. I agree – this class it feels like you’re putting a piece of yourself into – you can post what you like, what you’re thinking, or stories you want to bring up. It’s actually fun because it’s engaging, and unique in comparison to lecture halls

  3. Even though I know you very well, Kristen, I have to say that I am also extremely happy with the exercise that we did. Instead of sitting in a class with people that we see as complete strangers, we can learn more about each other. I think it is best for people to be able to speak up in class and feel like they are in a safe environment where they will not be judged for their ideas.

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