Home Phones

Phones.. something we all use every single day. My phone is on me at all times and I am on it a majority of the day. Over the past decade, cell phones have change drastically, to a point where I don’t even remember what they used to look like because I am so used to a thin, small, touch-screen phone.


Since the 1990’s, the way cell phones work and look have changed so much, but people only realize the change in cellphones and not in house phones. Some people would say their houses don’t even have phones, or they don’t use them. My family uses the house phone quite often, especially with a lot of my family living in Italy. The home phone has evolved greatly since the 1990’s and it has changed many of its features, we went from using a phone that looked like this..

old phone

to this..

old phone 2

and now this..

new phone

A phone with a cord, that could either connect to the wall or not.. to a phone that is cordless, with a caller ID, and call waiting. The changes that has come from house phones are incredible. I can’t even imagine still being limited on where I can go with the phone when my Nonna (grandmother) from Italy calls, or when my mom calls home from work and tells me to go upstairs and look for something. House phones have evolved just as much as cellphones and it is amazing to see.


5 comments on “Home Phones

  1. I agree with you. It’s very interesting to see just how much home phones have evolved. We look forward to the new iPhone or droid every year and it’s not as often that people realize how much home phones have advanced as well.

  2. My grandparents in Poland still use the phone you used in your first image! I think its incredible how the telephone has evolved over the years. My family still uses our home phone for the same reasons 🙂

  3. In my house neither me, or my brother don’t pick up the house phone because we know the call is usually for my parents. We carry our cell phones all the time so the people who need to contact us will do so on there but I remember in middle school I use to pick the house phone up all the time because my friends called to get me to go play basketball after school. It’s crazy how that’s changed to me.

    • I know I never answer the house phone because I know is for my parents too. But when I know my parents are home and I am at school, I always call the house, never their cell phones. It is so funny thinking back to the days when your friends used to call your house to make plans with you lol… it is definitely crazy!

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