Recent advancements in technology have caused newspapers to become less and less popular over the years. Especially with things like iPads and smart phones. If someone can google a topic or a current event for free and in an instant why would they go out of their way to get a newspaper? I really think that newspapers will soon follow in the footsteps of CDs and DVDs. Almost everything is now accessible online. Blockbuster went out of business along with almost every CD store I know. I truly think that it’s only a matter of time before newspaper companies have to fold as well or at least find a new way of providing their information.

“Let me begin with a proposition: The market for clear and sharp writing about timely subjects will never disappear. However, its form at the point of delivery either is changing or has already changed, and this trend line seems irreversible. Those bemoaning the demise of print journalism are likely too late; newspapers, as we now know them, will not remain the way they are today for long.”

I think this author said it best. There are always going to be updates about what is going on in the world around us. However things such as newspapers will soon cease to exist and a new medium will have to be found. The most efficient way of delivering news is no longer on paper. In general, people today want things done much faster. They want to be able to click on an app or type something into google to get their answers.


5 comments on “Newspapers

  1. This was a great observation. I agree with what you’re saying completely. The traditional newspaper probably will become increasingly less popular especially with an aging population. Along with the ease and accessibility of using a tablet or smartphone to read headlines, the generations (our parents, grandparents) who read newspaper regularly, are becoming older, and will eventually become a minority. In their place is our new generation that have all the online tools you mentioned.

  2. I don’t think the content and newspaper companies are going to a thing of the past but rather the method of distributing the information. Magazine and newspaper companies are fully capable of platforming all of their information digitally, shifting the current means of reading more towards electronic means.

    • I also think that newspaper companies are just going to have to adapt to the way the consumer wants to obtain their news and information. I think more and more newspapers are going digital and posting relevant news and information online where more people are likely to read it.

  3. I honestly don’t remember the last time I read a newspaper to actually find out news around the world. I completely agree that people are more likely to go to a computer or look on their phone for articles. I prefer technology because newspapers have never been something I look to when I could turn on the TV and get all the information I want. I don’t think newspapers would ever just stop being used, but I do think they are being used a lot less.

  4. My family used to get magazine subscriptions when I was younger (anyone remember the good old days when you sold magazine subscriptions to get cool prizes from school? anyone?). However, I tend to read APP and the NY Times online these days. I have also have an online subscription to Vogue and Elle magazines that I can more conveniently read on my tablet. That’s where I see newspapers and magazines gearing towards: online publication. Although to be honest I get a little angry when I have to pay to read an article online vs getting free public info through NY Times or even Google. But, they have to make a profit somehow, right?

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