Reinventing The Wheel


This video showcases an amazing TED talk with Artist/Engineer Theo Jansen. Essentially, Jansen has been designing a new form of robotic life that moves more efficiently and responds to the environment. Though this video dates back to 2007, this unbelievable technology can be seen in some recent newsworthy innovations; the Google Bots that are hoped to start delivering our mail move eerily similar to the robotic creatures created by Jansen. This relates to our class discussion of how technology has changed the way we think and communicate by showing that innovations in media are not the only innovations that will alter our modes of operation for daily life. With highly efficient robotics being implemented into our daily life, the machine age is reaching heights never before seen, soon life can easily be managed by artificial intelligence and our previous methods of production will be replaced by new technology that will be continuously improved. If media supposedly make us cognitively lazy, imagine what robots would do to our physical? Maybe the vision forecasted by the Disney movie (I hate Disney, so don’t let this reference make you think otherwise) Wall-E not so far off.

I may be a little far off with my next statements, but I am a dreamer so I’m going for it. Perhaps, just hear me out now, Artificial Intelligence becomes the new form of life. Think about it, humans are not known for their propensity to change, and at the current state, we are not treating Mother Earth with the tender love and care that it needs, and soon enough, the climate WILL change. Earth cannot remain hospitable for human life forever. Maybe I’m thinking a little bit too much along the lines of my favorite sci-fi authors, but maybe computers will adapt to our definition of life and start genetically evolving, cross breading, and tapping into the Earth’s potential. I might lose some of you here, but I believe the future consists of robots tapping into the power of the Earth’s core and turning our lovely planet into a spaceship to explore the galaxy, and we will finally understand life, the universe, and everything.


Or not.


2 comments on “Reinventing The Wheel

  1. Haha love the dystopian vision here. But like I was saying in my post where I mentioned ‘Her’, technology is evolving at incredible paces; and we are still in the driver’s seat. I can’t even imagine where technology will go when it learns to create and think for itself. Will we be able to keep up?

  2. We will be the Gods of the technological life, and much like our modern perceptions of God, the new technology will be a reflection of all of our current qualities. It will be everything we want it to be, so that means that the programming will be done by benign programmers will good intentions as well as malicious humans who just want to watch the world burn.

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