Silent Reading?

“Even as the technology of the book sped ahead, the legacy of the oral world continued to shape the way words on pages were written and
read. Silent reading was largely unknown in the ancient world” (Carr 38).

In Carr’s The Shallows, Chapter 4 The Deepening Page, I have found these two sentences to be the most interesting. As we read on throughout the chapter, we learned about the ways that writing began. People used scrolls, parchment, rocks, etc. However, when Carr writes these two lines it shows us why things are the way that they are and when they came about. When technology continued to develop, speaking is what “shaped” how people wrote, and reading quietly was not a known thing. To me, this makes complete sense. When I sit down silently to read a book, my mind wanders. I think about a million different things that I have to be doing (unless it’s a really good book)). I completely understand what Carr means when he writes that speaking is what shapes how someone writes because I have realized when writing papers I sometimes get informal because I am so used to how I speak that I forget how to write something in a more formal tone for my professors.


2 comments on “Silent Reading?

  1. This chapter kind of blew my mind.. I mean, we all know the history of reading, but I personally have never realized how big of an adjustment it must have been for people to get used to “silent reading”! I imagine its how older generations cope with the internet in general. Anyway.. My mind wanders when I read uninteresting things too. It happens, I guess đŸ™‚

  2. Do you think that writing the way you talk makes your writing more effective or less effective? I personally think writing the way you makes writing fresher and less of a bore compared to the uptight style of professionalism.

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