Social Media in Our Lives

Attached is an article that I found online about social media and relationships, more specifically, marriages. After the few postings that I read on relationships and media throughout this past week, I decided to look a little further into it for myself. In this article, the author tells us how the researcher looked into 24,000 marriages to see how social media affects their lives. The relationships that they looked at were ones that used “10 different media channels, including Facebook, emails, texts and instant messages”. With this research it was found that the more married couples use social media, the less “relationship satisfaction” that they got. I thought that this kind of gave me a better idea about social media and relationships that I did not get prior to reading this article. I definitely agree with this article. I think that constantly sitting on social media with not only your significant other, but anyone, will not better your relationship. In a way, your relationship becomes less meaningful when its based only around social media and not actual life.


3 comments on “Social Media in Our Lives

  1. Thanks for sharing the article! I have seen this happen to a few of my friends. Talking behind a screen is not the same as physically and intimately being there for somebody. I have to admit, texting is loads easier than picking up the phone even a few times a day, but I think some people have become too accustomed to conversing through these mediums that they are losing personality in real life. This, as you pointed out, can have reverberating effects on relationships of all types.

  2. The article was very interesting! I think the way we communicate is changing the way we form and maintain relationships. I also think that there are pros to the new mediums of communication. I think that things like Skype, texting, phone calls, and emails can be beneficial for long distance relationships, whether it’s romantic or just a friendship. Although I do agree that too much texting, Facebook messaging, etc can be negative when it’s excessive and when there is not enough in person communication.

  3. I think relationships on social media should not have all their business on it for everyone to know. Also, communicating through various platforms is annoying. One of my cousins never had a Facebook or any other social network and he’s still dating his girlfriend from 8th grade. I believe the less people know about your relationship then the longer it will last.

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