21st Century Vision

We’ve been discussing how new media changes the way we think, read, and communicate, but we are leaving out one of our most relatable senses, vision. The wave of innovation in the past decade has not only shaped our neuroplasticity and means cognitive thinking, it has also changed how we choose to look at information. Much to my chagrin, if I turn on a movie from before the year  2000 I will get some flak from my friends for putting on a relic of antiquity, solely because the video quality is a little bit subpar or grainy. It appears that to retain my generations attention, media and information MUST be flashy, high definition, up to date with the latest visual technology, and so forth. I think this is an underlying cause of why we are so addicted and distracted by the world of media; all of our media sources appeal to our favorite sense of sight to reel us in and addict us with beautiful displays and current designs. Look at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even your iPads and Macbooks, these companies are constantly making minor tweaks to their platforms to make it just slightly more aesthetically pleasing than before, and we LOVE IT.

I’m not preaching about this from my ivory tower, I too am subject to this scam and am constantly being duped by presentation. It appears that if you don’t keep up with the latest and newest you will be left behind, and to make sure that we all WANT to keep it up, there is constant adding of pizzaz. Would you want to use an app or website if its design was ungodly boring? Even company Logos have to change to keep up with our easily distracted vision, showing just the degree of our attention span.

In other news the Sochi Olympics opening ceremony was gorgeous.


4 comments on “21st Century Vision

  1. I absolutely agree with you. Its sad how much of a sucker, the average consumer is (myself included). I really hate that I notice if a movie is grainy or not in HD. #firstworldproblems

  2. I’m on the same boat as you that I can’t really watch something if it’s not High Definition and it kind of sucks. Believe it or not, I never watched the cult classic movie Pulp Fiction because it looks old and grainy. Everything I start to watch it when it appears on tv, I change the channel.

  3. This is an interesting approach. I definitely find it true that old movie classics don’t appeal as much nowadays, perhaps because of their lack of colors and high definition. It seems to me like every time Apple updates their iPads or iPhones they invest a lot of energy into changing the display to make the images look even sharper. I usually can’t notice a difference in picture quality from one version to the next, but perhaps over time we are getting accustomed to even better and sharper images.

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