Goodnight iPad?

Almost everyone knows of the book, “Goodnight moon,” which was written over more than a decade ago. The book is, obviously, a goodnight story that says goodnight to random objects and things like the stars and the moon. My little brother has the book and I can’t tell you how many times i’ve read this to him. I also work at a day care in my hometown when I’m not at school and I read this book to the kids all the time, it’s a really cute book and puts them right to sleep during nap time.



However, my best friend recently sent me a picture of a new version of the book which she found laying around in the kid that she babysits house. The book’s title is “Goodnight iPad,” and in small print on the cover of the book it says “a parody for the next generation.” I couldn’t help but to shake my head at what this world is coming to! Even little kids, at such young ages, are being exposed and trained to become obsessed with technology just like we are with our phones, iPads, ect. It makes me wonder if just by reading books like “Goodnight iPad,” what these kids will be like when they are our ages. We’re all so connected to our phones all the time and it’s only been a few years since all this technology exploded, imagine what it will be like when for them!




4 comments on “Goodnight iPad?

  1. I really love this book and the parody book cover that you posted really shows how different children are these days. It’s scary to think that there could be a generation more addicted and connected to their technology than we are.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more! It really scares me when I see how in tune younger generations are with technology. I really loved that book as a child, and I hope kids still enjoy it despite the distractions of technology.

  3. I have this book and I love it – I’ve never seen Goodnight Ipad before. I wonder what’s inside it – is it saying goodnight to each individual app/ just other apple products/ or pieces of technology?

  4. My little cousin doesn’t go to sleep unless she plays angry birds or makeup design or something on her own little Ipad. Her Ipad has been made “failproof” as well by enclosing the Ipad in a shockproof and waterproof case. She’s only three years old.

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