Google Now, a quick access to loads of information.

From reading Carr’s The Shallows, it seems one of the benefits of the web is that we have quick access to loads of information.  “I couldn’t begin to tally the hours or the gallons of gasoline the Net has saved me.  I do most of my banking and a lot of shopping online.  I use my browser to pay my bills, schedule my appointments, book flights and hotel rooms, renew my driver’s license, send invitations, and greeting cards.” (Carr 6)

This instantly reminded my of Google Now, which is a feature you can have on android and iPhone.  The point of Google Now is to have quick access to the right information at the right time with a swipe of your finger on your phone.  If you use Chrome for your browser then it collects data from what you search on Google and your interests.  For example, if you book a flight and hotel for a vacation then Google now will have that information ready the day of your vacation.  Also, it will have your boarding pass for you flight as well.  Here are some Google Now cards.

Flight Information

Flight Information

Boarding Pass

Boarding Pass

traffic updates

traffic updates



By georgek0427

4 comments on “Google Now, a quick access to loads of information.

  1. That is actually really convenient! Instead of bringing all these documents and writing all this information down, you have it all on one device ready to go! I actually tracked my sister flight the other day off my phone, it let me know when she was gonna land and showed a picture of her flight and where the plane was at the time. Apps and features like that make traveling so much more comfortable.

  2. This made me really excited! I think traveling can be very stressful and any type of ease I can get is great! Google is really trying hard to compete with Apple it seems (I’m thinking of Apple’s Passbook).

  3. This is awesome! So much better than handling every single paper document, fussing over them with the risk of getting lost [includes constantly taking them out and putting them away]. It’s nice, because when traveling, it is not uncommon for people to have a feeling that they have forgotten something. But with this, you will not second-guess yourself.

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