What homework looks like in 2014

Ever since first grade, the word ‘homework’ brings on a sense of impending doom. When I was younger, homework meant sitting at my desk filling out worksheets, reading books, or writing papers. When I was younger doing homework meant just that, doing homework. There was no watching TV, no simultaneously texting friends, and no browsing the Internet.


 As I grew older the way I did homework changed. I still had to write papers, but this time I was typing them on my computer. I still had to sit down and do math problems, but I would simultaneously be on my phone or on my laptop.

This semester, my homework has changed even more drastically.  Just the other day, when I was writing my blog post, my boyfriend walked into the room and upon seeing pictures of Facebook all over my computer he said to me ‘I thought you were doing work.’ And I told him ‘I am doing work. This is what my homework looks like in 2014.’

Homework this semester is different than homework in the past. For this course, I get to use social medical outlets, such as blogs, to submit work and discuss ideas with current classmates outside of the classroom. In my online photography course this semester we post photos to Flickr and interact with classmates that we have never met. Homework no longer means sitting alone and working on problems. Homework in 2014 involves using a computer and different digital media outlets as a means to do homework, and not just a distraction. I find this new type of ‘homework’ so rewarding and much more exciting than sitting at my desk alone agonizing over problems. 


4 comments on “What homework looks like in 2014

  1. I also prefer the way homework works in college way better than high school and middle school etc. It’s a lot more creative and fun then just like you said sitting at your desk doing problem after problem.

  2. Its absolutely crazy how the concept of homework has changed over the years. I think like all things, it has its pros and cons. I have to say though, that I really like writing in blog form over writing 5 page, double spaced, Times font, papers. It takes away a little bit of the work and replaces it with something much more engaging.

  3. Though it is more preferable nowadays to have homework on the computer, personally, I prefer homework on paper – I feel like when I was younger and worked on paper, I was able to keep focused better than I do now. Maybe it’s cause of other factors, like work has gotten harder or I have more freedom, but overall – when i was younger, I never pictured my future homework would be so “high-tech” [it may not seem high-tech to us now, but if we could go back in time and look into the future, it will seem that way].

  4. I love the way that HW is in college. HW, especially in this class is a lot more engaging, and I actually enjoy doing the work for this class, because I feel a part of me is being put out here. I never truly felt what Nietzche might have felt, because all of my papers have always been typed up. This blog form of writing for me is perfect. I feel that all my inner thoughts are being expressed without the technological blurring or dehumanizing aspect to it.

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