5 Futuristic Predictions



Futurists believe atoms and molecules will become the future of technology. Here are some interesting technologic predictions that may or may not be developed in the future:

1. Computers Will be Smarter Than Us and Part of Us
– younger generations are growing up with computers, thus being attached
– younger generations become dependent on these computers: possibly dependent enough to allow computers to do the thinking FOR them
– humans are getting so attached to computers, they are becoming intimate with them

2. We’ll Be Able to Print Transplantable Copies of Human Organs
– we can print anything off a computer, we can fax anything, email anything –
– researchers have already mastered printing skin and vetebral disks and transplanting them into animal bodies

3. Products Will be Put Together, Molecule By Molecule
– products keep getting smaller and smaller: so they will start to be built by using smaller particles
– will help them “control the structure of the matter”
– will alter economic power

4. We’ll Ride an Elevator into Space
– was inspired by to the Eiffel tower
– alot of astronaut have seconded this motion, believing it will be more convenient

5. We’ll Live in Floating Cities
– rising sea levels will force people to flee their homes
– floating cities will save space
– will have aquatic gardens for growing food, plant for drinking water, and energy generation through solar, wind, and wave power

Personally, I think these ideas are awesome, cool, and extremely convenient – on the website I checked, however, it did not say if these will be electricity operated or not – I can’t imagine how chaotic it would be if there was a power out. At that point, people will be so dependent on technology – how would they live in a state of emergency, without it?



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