This post relates back to Facebook’s 10 year anniversary and the idea of privacy and the internet. This man tragically lost his son in 2012. He has been trying to get access to his son’s Facebook to see his pictures and to help him cope with his loss. He tried contacting Facebook and they have never got back to him. This video went viral and he is looking to get access to his son’s 10 year Look Back Facebook Video. While many people are being sympathetic and stating that this man should be able to see his son’s account, there are many legal issues that make this very difficult.

I haven’t been following this story closely, one of my friends simply posted it this morning and I read it and thought it was a very controversial topic. It’s hard to deal with legal issues when there are so many emotions. After all, we are still humans. I’m not sure if this man will get access to his son’s account and if he does I question if Facebook could get into any trouble because of it.


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