Are you in a relationship with the Internet?

18 Ways To Tell You’re In A Relationship With The Internet

This post is just a list of common habits that we all share when it comes to technology. I thought it would be fun for you guys to read and comment if you agree with any of them.

I did feel a little guilty when reading the post because I know I can relate to most of them however, not all. Although people make it seem the world is self-destructing with today’s technology, I do agree with supporters of it that say it does more good than harm. I use technology every day of my life in many positive ways that also make my life easier.

I use my phone to wake me up which is easier than an alarm clock.

I use my phone to check the weather in the morning so I can dress appropriately for the day.

I use my phone to check when the buses are coming instead of waiting out in the cold.

I use my phone to tell me what the menu is at the dining hall so I know whether I want to swipe or not.

I use my phone to email teachers about assignments, class meetings, etc.

Basically….my list could go on forever.

By Kiana Yasmine

4 comments on “Are you in a relationship with the Internet?

  1. My list looks almost exactly the same as yours. The first thing I look at in the morning is my phone because my alarm is on there as well. As soon as my alarm goes off; I turn off my alarm, and all my notifications from last night are there. I check every single one of my notifications before I even get out of my bed. It’s a sad truth, but very common for most people. I feel absolutely handicapped if I lose my phone, because I use it for everything, exactly how this list shows.

  2. Lol….it’s funny you say that you feel “handicapped” because I have been without my phone a few times, either it died in class or I needed a new one but I felt so free and it didn’t affect me at all. However, that is when I need it to call/text the most it seems.

    • RIGHT! it’s horrible! I hate being that connected to my phone, but it is what I am used to. I’ve always had a phone on me. Even when on vacation! I had to take pictures with something or another. Now that’s a whole new problem!

  3. I definitely feel disconnected in the morning if I didn’t check my emails, texts, etc. yet. In some way, it has almost become a necessity to check all these things because there may be something important you are actually missing (like cancelled class or something about your loved ones). However, most of the time this is not the case.

    The best two weeks I’ve had in my life were in two different countries and it’s funny that I didn’t have a phone both times. I enjoyed the feeling of being free and not having to constantly check my phone. I think that’s what contributed to having such a good time.

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