Countries with Censorship on the internet

internet censor

I did not know that this even existed, but countries have blocked their citizens from viewing specific things on the internet.

Some of the countries on this list I was not surprised with. For example, Saudi Arabia and North Korea, both are countries on this list, and both of these countries are under one leader. Saudi Arabia under the king, and North Korea under our well known Kim Jong.

One country that surprised me was China. China, even though being a communism, I figured would keep that freedom for its citizens, because of how advanced its economy and technology is.

Here’s a quote directly from the article,

“China has the most rigid censorship program in the world. The government filters searches, block sites and erases “inconvenient” content, rerouting search terms on Taiwan independence or the Tiananmen Square massacre to items favorable to the Communist Party.”

Were you guys surprised by this finding about China?

By fk125

3 comments on “Countries with Censorship on the internet

  1. That seems kind of surprising to me, especially because it is a country that is surpassing every other very quickly. I think a country would only need to do something like this, blocking sites and what not, if there is a serious concern about the economy or future generations. But that’s not the case for China, so I don’t understand why it is really necessary.

  2. I did know about China’s very “loose butthole” policies on censorship. I am too young to really know all of my values, but I definitely value personal liberties, and to know we still live in a world where billions upon billions of people don’t get true access to naturally earned personal liberties is frustrating to know, to say the least.

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