Davecat’s love for his Doll

So Gianna (sorry to put you on the spot) posted an article about a man who married a fictional character (Nene) from a game on his Nintendo DS. What about Davecat over here? He absolutely loves his doll! Even wants to marry her and makes love to her like any other married couple would. (if you know what I mean). I think that what he’s doing is being in a committed relationship with something that would not fail him. Just like how our relationship with technology is designed not to fail us.

When our technology does fail us, there is a huge problem. In many developing countries, the intersections are still controlled by manpower (surprise!) and not by electric street lights like the rest of the developed countries. Now that does leave room for human error, but at the same time, if the electricity goes out, there is no regulating the street lights. In my town, due to the last ice storm, a lot of street lights were disconnected, and there was traffic delays for hours because of accidents and people not knowing when to go.

Just imagine if a mass blackout were to happen, like in the movie Live Free Die Hard starring Bruce Willis. Our country would be severely paralyzed. In my opinion, Davecat and Sal9000, probably went through something traumatic relationship-wise and are now looking for something much much more stable.

Hopefully our developed countries can also create some form of backup system incase the electricity runs out (even for a few days) where we will all not be crippled. During Sandy, yes the electricity was out, but not all of our electricity. Some parts of towns, and some cities in NJ still had power, and people crowded those towns and charged their phones. What would happen if everything were to go?

By fk125

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