Facebook Ten Story

As the ten year anniversary of Facebook approached, they created a new video that looks back at your personal memories and big moments since you first joined the site. These moments are determined by the amount of likes on photos, status updates, and anything you have shared. They also created a new page called Facebook ten stories where members can express how staying connected through Facebook has changed their lives.

The story that went viral during Facebook’s anniversary was about a girl named Kimmy Kirkwood who told her story of loss and love. Her story starts in 2007 when she started to become friends with her love, Will Stacey. Will was in the Marines and Facebook was the best way the couple stayed connected throughout their relationship. The link to the story is:


At the end of the story, Kimmy mentions, “Having this archive of our relationship means the world to me..Sometimes when I’m lonely, I go back and read everything he sent to me. I didn’t think about it much then, but having it all in one place took on a complete new meaning when I lost Will forever.” I think Facebook has regenerated the way any kind of relationship works. Whether it’s personal or not, people can go back to whatever moment they want and basically relive it. In some cases, like Kimmy’s, it could mean the world to reminisce on old chat messages and letters. In others, it has the potential to end relationships because there is a digital memory of everything you’ve done.. or not done.


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