Is the future really what we think it is going to be?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to live under the assumption that in the near future, we will be able to cure cancer and all other diseases just like in the movie Elysium?

Here it is in action –

It seems completely plausible and also sounds like a great idea, but it most likely will never happen. There is way to much at stake for anybody to be able to live forever. Any of form of new technology that would cause any financial harm to the government would be blocked.

For example GM (general motors) had mainstreamed a car that was much more advanced for its day. It was relatively cheap and got almost one hundred miles to the gallon. Its maintenance was so cheap, that GM started losing money on the car, because people ever came in to the dealership to get their car serviced. Losing money on these cars, caused them to start losing their revenue, with a domino effect, caused them to pay less taxes. GM started losing so much money, that they decided to shut down all EV1 production and even REPOSSESS every single one of them.

Here’s a picture of one of them that was being repossessedImage

It was beautiful!! 800px-EV1_Center_Console_2


That’s why, anything in the future that is absolutely profitable will be shut down.


By fk125

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