Japanese Man “Marries” Computer Game Character?

“The groom – who calls himself SAL9000 – says he fell in love with Nene Anegasaki from the Nintendo DS game Love Plus after a string of failed romances with girlfriends from other animated games”, stated http://www.telegraph.co.uk.

They had an offical ceremony with a DJ, and priest. When asked if Nene was his dream woman, he said, “Yes, she is. Her character changes to my liking as we talk and travel to different places. I love this character, not a machine. I understand 100 percent that this is a game. I understand very well that I cannot marry her physically.” He also said she is better than having a human girlfriend because she doesn’t get angry if he replies late to her.

I have alot of thoughts on this, and to be honest, I kind of have mixed feelings. I do not want to criticize SAL9000 because he found something, or someone, that makes him happy – and for that, I am happy for him. However, on the other hand, he specifically pointed out that “she doesn’t get angry if he replies late to her”. This is implying that girls do that, but it is false, because Not ALL girls get angry for that. In addition to this, it upsets me that this man is allowed to marry a non-existent form of life when same sex marriages are still not permitted and looked down upon.

This makes me realize some youth are unable to express their feelings in reality – they are only able to do so through the virtual world. Instead of having living their life through the earth, they live it through the virtual world. Real lives are developing through the virtual world – their virtual world will become their ‘reality’.

On a side note: This whole situation actually reminds me of a japanese anime called Chobits. Chobits is in a show where supercomputers  are in the shapes of human girls. And the mentality of all of the men in the show basically think, “why have a girlfriend when you can have a Chobit?” However, Chobits lacked something that humans had: feelings. There was an exception to this rule. A supercomputer name “Chi” actually had feelings. Will technology advance so much to the point where computers, and characters in them, can actually be considered real, true life, with hearts and feelings?


3 comments on “Japanese Man “Marries” Computer Game Character?

  1. No offense to SAL9000 but this seems kind of crazy! The fact that people can have such a strong connection to a computer and not a real human being is ridiculous. Maybe he did this because having a virtual relationship is easier and less serious than a real one. What would happen when the game isn’t being made anymore? Or if his nintendo DS doesn’t work? Haha

  2. Haha! Sadly this is something like being in love with a surrogate. He’s probably replacing his need for a relationship with something that is inanimate just so he could be in a strong relationship without the possibility of it going away. Even if his DS dies, he can always charge it or get a new one. I wonder how he shows Nene his love…

  3. When I first read this I thought of Dr. Krieger from Archer right away. That is just crazy and bizarre that a dude would have a that strong of relationship with a game character.

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