Sleep Texting…ZzZ

We’ve all heard of sleep walking, either through experience or someone we know who has the disorder. But there’s something new that doctors have been researching: sleep texting. Many young patients have complained of waking up and not remembering using their phones in their sleep. However, their phones showed that they had conversations with people through texting. Doctors are alarmed by this abnormal sleeping behavior due to the increasing addiction to phones. The short video below explains the condition.

People tend to think of sleep in finite terms – either you’re awake or you’re sleep. This is not always the case. It’s possible that part of the brain that controls motor skills may be awake, while the part that controls memory and judgement is asleep. This is why rote movements such as walking, texting, or talking can be possible in one’s sleep. 

I think sleep texting should raise a big concern among parents and doctors because this abnormal sleeping disorder clearly shows the young popuation’s over-reliance on phones. It can even lead to understanding the link between lack of sleep and chronic conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure, and behavioral problems. Sometimes you think your phone is vibrating or making a notification sound even when it’s not. You feel so connected to it because it’s always on you. And you have to check it anyways just to make sure you heard right. People should take some time out of the day to put their technological devices down and reconnect with their own thoughts. Even if it’s five minutes. There can be a lot of medical benefits to doing this as well, even relaxed moods and refreshed minds.


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