The Smart Shirt?


The cityzen smart shirt does a ton of things – it tracks your health, reads your body heat, heart rate, and even is a GPS. There is also an app that is connected to the shirt, and can even tell if the person working out is tired or stressed, or whether their heart rate is so high enough to trigger a heart attack. It also monitors people’s overall health, and can control blood oxygen and tidal volume.

Honestly, I cannot tell if this truly is a smart idea or not – if you think about it, this shirt doesn’t do anything special that a smartphone or a cardio machine cannot do. What is the point of putting it in clothing? It might be good for people who are sick to wear in in regarding to health level in case of emergency, but as for a casual, or work-out shirt, what exactly does it accomplish besides give you information?

The makers are still currently working on the shirt and are looking for ways to improve it: They are trying to find a way to recharge the fabric through water for when the shirt is washed. They also hope that the shirt will be able to determine a person’s blood glucose level.

This proves that technology is literally being applied to anything and everything: technology is increasing at an alarmingly fast rate, faster than humans realize. In the future, will we have technologic chairs? Will things that are not technology-related even exist anymore?


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