Apple vs. Windows



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I personally love Apple. I have a Mac and an iPhone; and my parents have an iPad. So basically I am always around Apple products so I am so used to them. I personally don’t like Windows, I think it’s probably the whole battle between the two. I have played around with a Windows phone and I don’t like the operating system. I’ve used Windows all my life, and I never liked it. When I started using Apple, I fell in love with the system. Sometimes I find problems with it, but every system has its glitches. I love the appearance of Apple too. I have nothing against Windows, I just have an attachment to Apple.. What about you?


6 comments on “Apple vs. Windows

  1. APPLE ALL THE WAY! I am obsessed with my Macbook. I had Windows growing up and I got viruses all the time. No matter what website I attempted to go on, I had about 100 popups. I can definitely see how you would like the appearance of Apple products better, who wouldn’t? I think that the appearance of Apple products are what draw in most of it’s customers, but the function of it’s products are what make people stay. There is nothing I can’t do with my iPhone, and my computer is the only thing that I bring to classes.

    • Me too! I had a Dell desktop growing up and I always used to get viruses because all I wanted to do was download games lol. Apple is so much more efficient and I never have to worry about viruses!

  2. Apple definitely has the most polished interface in the game, but Windows does do some really cool things with their products and are constantly innovating, and that for some reason always gets overlooked. But let’s be honest here, if you don’t have an apple on your product you ain’t s%$t.

  3. I am an Apple person all the way. I made the switch about 2 years ago and I never want to go back. It’s so much more user-friendly than a PC. Recently, I’ve had to use Dell computers where I work and I absolutely hate them. They are slow and a pain to navigate.

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