We all know Batman as the caped crusader lurking in the shadows of Gotham. What made him so badass was that he is just a man like anyone else taking crime into his own hands. Now what made Bats super was his fat stack of cash from his family money of Wayne Enterprises. Like anybody with mucho bucks like that you’d wanna show it off with fancy cars, big TVs, and other expensive goods. Instead Batman used his money to become a superhero, creating and purchasing weapons and gadgets to fight crime. From the bat mobile to his utility belt all were a necessity to put the scum behind bars.


Thinking of the technology behind each devise of his, what if it was possible for them to all exist. In 2009 the History Channel took a closer look into the possibility of their existence. Although some of his gadgets are far out of reach from being real, some are actually closer than they appear in science fantasy. 



One comment on “Batman

  1. Honestly this is pretty awesome. Like a lot of other starry-eyed kids, I grew up loving Batman for the exact reasons you wrote; he’s just..human. I didn’t give the whole series a watch through yet, but it is damn cool to hear that some of the Batman technologies could be brought to life. True testament to the advancement of technology.

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