Downloading Music

Ever since I was young, I always loved downloading and listening to music. Except it seemed like the most difficult process back then. Sites like Limewire (now shut down) were easy to access, but finding songs in their full versions and the right pitch was hard (not surprising being that it was free…). When I first got my Ipod, my brother taught me how to download and add them onto my Itunes. I would sit there for hours until they loaded and I could play them. Looking back on it, I can’t believe I was so patient while trying to update my Ipod. I think when I got into sophomore or junior year of high school, I kind of gave up on downloading music. Youtube was now in the picture and it was just a click away. No more waiting around for songs to download.

In college, my favorite website for music is Pandora Radio. Basically, you create personalized stations based on a song or artist and it randomly plays old and new songs that you may like. If you hit the thumbs up next to the song, Pandora customizes any future songs based on what you have liked. It’s really convenient for me because they have an app for my smartphone. I don’t need to download music anymore, or transfer it to my phone, and it saves so much space on my phone. So convenient.If you don’t have an account, it’s free and you should totally try it!



4 comments on “Downloading Music

  1. It is kind of annoying to download music and update my iTunes, but for some reason I prefer that over Pandora. I think its because I like listening to my music, compared to other random songs that come up and the advertisements too.

  2. I LOVE PANDORA! I love that on any pandora station you can hear so many of your favorite artists song after song. However, I have a lot more music in my iTunes and listen to that a lot more than Pandora, I just like Pandora for things like a long drive or a workout. There is nothing better than a random pandora station.

  3. Pandora is pretty awesome; I usually listen to it while I’m at work in the office. But, I do still like to download music because if I want to listen to a certain song I can’t always find the song on pandora. I know there’s other streaming stations like Spotify, but at I’m not that big of a fan of Spotify. I usually just download individual songs from mp3skull, but if I really want a whole album and I’m too lazy to look for it , I’ll just buy it from iTunes.

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