My little brother’s generation vs mine

I don’t know if many of you have younger siblings, but sometimes my little brother makes me feel like an 80 year old grandma who doesn’t know what the internet is. A few days ago he was playing with his iPad and I turned to him and asked what he was doing, he told me playing mine craft. I know what the game is, and truly it gives me a headache looking at it, but there’s so much to the game and my jaw dropped as he was able to explain to me all that you can do in the game. He’s probably been exposed to the internet, iPad, and just general technology for only a few years, while I’m 20 and can probably do just as much as he can on a computer/iPad. I’m just amazed all together at how advanced children are with technology these days, when I was his age all I knew how to use was the good old retro black and white gameboy. His version of a gameboy is in 3-D. Which brings me to another point, when I was his age technology wasn’t as cool to me as it is to him. I liked to spend time outside, doing things like playing soccer and  manhunt with my friends. I feel like all the little kids his age are obsessed with all the technology today, and are missing out on things like the childhood memories that I’m glad I made.


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