NSA Debate

Today we discussed a little about the NSA and how everyone feels on their information being collected or watched. I am completely torn on the NSA and what this agency does. For me, I have that one view where I am like, “I really don’t care. I have nothing to hide, you can look at any of my stuff”. However, I hear so many other people saying what an invasion of privacy it is, and then I realize, I have probably said some of the most ridiculous things when I talk to my friends whether it be on the phone or in a text. I don’t necessarily care if someone sees or hears what I have to say, but why should they be allowed? I am not doing anything wrong, and I don’t think that my personal business should be heard by someone that I don’t know. Then again, it’s not like they actually care about me or what I’m saying, and I’m sure they don’t sit there for hours reading or listening to my drama. I can completely understand what people are saying when they say that they don’t really care if anyone listens to what they are saying to their friend on the phone, but I also understand that as an American citizen I do have rights and they shouldn’t be taken away. The article that I have attached is about Edward Snowden, a man who released “a large number of documents detailing surveillance by intelligence agencies such as the US’s NSA and UK’s GCHQ”. This was one of the major things to happen with the NSA throughout the past few years, and there was much debate over what was going on and how much information the NSA actually had at the time. However, I completely understand the United States wanting to protect it’s people because of events such as 9/11, and by being able to monitor everything, they are able to do so. To be honest, I think that it is a very hard issue to prove whether right or wrong mostly because if you are an average person and are not doing anything wrong, it really is an invasion of privacy, yet it is done so to keep people safe, and I can’t see how there is anything wrong with that.



4 comments on “NSA Debate

  1. I am also torn on the subject of the being under surveillance by the government. If it’s for my protection, I understand that to an extent. But, like you pointed out, we as American have certain rights designed to protect our civil liberties. The government shouldn’t be able to just infringe upon those rights on a whim. Unless the government starts to actually enforce rules with direct consequences within the internet affecting everyday individuals more often, there won’t really be a total revolution like Alex wants. People usually don’t care unless something directly affects them on a wide scale; only then will the revolution start.

  2. Maybe no revolution, but this issue does force us to take a deeper look at our own personal values, as seen by Kristyn’s own personal evaluation. Having a more introspective society definitely has its benefits.

  3. I feel like this subject is so delicate. While we don’t want people looking at what we’re doing, seeing, talking about in our personal lives, we also need to think about the fact that they do help with safety after all.

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