The iWatch

All a watch can do is tell time, right? Apple is currently trying to make a new watch – a watch that can do more than tell time, a watch that actually matters. Three reasons why this will be hard for apple to make a watch successful:

1. As cellphones became more and more popular, users realized they no longer needed a watch, because they could just simply glance at their phone and know what time it was. They also automatically correct themselves for daylight’s saving time too, because they are connected to towers. It is not uncommon lately if one wears a watch, just for the style of wearing a watch.
2. The second reason why is due to mass market demand. Is there a vast consumer need for a smartwatch, when we already have smartphones? Will it show notifications and messages? That will shoot video and let you read email? That will answer or launch a voice call? That will track your sleep and remind you to wear a rain jacket? A smartwatch essentially does everything that a smartphone can do – can a smartwatch do something that a smartphone couldn’t do?
3. The third reason is that In 2014, the demand for watches doesn’t seem to be all that strong, despite a handful of smartwatches that have been trying to attract attention. The average number of watches being sold is decreasing slowly as the years go by. Personally, I haven’t worn a watch since I was in middle school. 

The standard of watches are not difficult to meet. There are watches that will dress you up or down, waterproof watches, solar and battery operated, and stylish. How is apple going to make their iwatch different, separated from the rest – unique and successful? If the iwatch ultimately a pointless, and useless contribution?

Possible designs for the iwatch are shown below.



5 comments on “The iWatch

  1. Looking at these pictures, these watches are awesome, the one of them basically looks like an iPhone for your wrist, but that’s where the problem lies. These watches have no physical appeal. Yes, I probably never look at my watch to check the time when it’s on my wrist BECAUSE I have an iPhone, but reason I wear a watch is for appeal, and none of these watches are that appealing, at least for my taste.

  2. While the iWatch looks pretty awesome, I find myself wondering whether or not it’s really necessary. Like you pointed out, the iWatch does everything an iPhone does. My friend actually has the Google Watch and its exactly like a smartphone. I’m wondering if this is just another aspect of technology that Google and Apple would like to get their hands on just to say that they did.

    • I agree with you. I can’t imagine much benefit to a watch that does nothing more than an iPhone can do. If anything, the watch will probably have less capabilities than an iPhone. I can only imagine that if these watches catch on then Apple will continue adding new features to it until it is essentially an iPhone that you wear on your wrist.

  3. I think this is awesome, but it’s basically like having an iphone? However, it is an apple product which means everyone would want it, regardless of how beneficial it is.

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