Pushbullet: a new source of distraction

I recently downloaded a great app for my phone and computer. It is called Pushbullet and it is a notification mirroring app. Basically, as long as Google Chrome is opened on my laptop, whenever I receive a notification on my phone it pops up on the top right corner of my computer screen.

This video is a good demonstration of how Pushbullet works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fn6na1hVhFo

 Apps like Pushbullet are continuing to add to the distraction that appear when surfing the web. Although I really enjoy receiving notifications without having to check my phone, the small notification window that pops up in the corner of my computer is definitely a distraction.

Sure, Pushbullet is really convenient when my phone is charging in the other room and I still want to receive notifications. And you might even say that receiving notifications instantly will stop me from constantly checking my phone for those notifications. However, after reading Carr and discussing distraction in class, I can’t help but wonder if Pushbullet’s distraction is taking away from my ability to learn things when I’m using my computer.

For example, if I am in the middle of writing a paper and I receive an email notification on my screen, I will immediately open up that email and completely lose my train of thought that only a few minutes earlier was so focused on my paper.

So while I would definitely recommend this app to people just beware that you may find the instant gratification distracting.  



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